This is Why You’ll Love the Stovall Mill Covered Bridge

Located in the lush North Georgia forests, surrounded by Cherokee legends and rich history, you’ll find Stovall Mill Covered Bridge. It is Georgia’s smallest short-span covered bridge, but just as much worth a visit as any other.  It’s a lovely place for a relaxing family picnic, enjoying the surrounding Chickamauga Creek scenery, and demands a spot on your list of things to do in Helen, GA.

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History of Stovall Mill Covered Bridge

This nearly 37-foot long bridge was constructed in the late 1800’s after a storm washed away its original predecessor. A gristmill, sawmill, and shingle mill once operated there and were powered by a water turbine in the creek. Today, the only pieces of the mill that remain are the bridge and the skeleton of the old dam. In 1951, the bridge was featured in Susan Heyward’s film “I’d Climb the Highest Mountain.”

Is the Bridge Haunted?

Possibly! Accounts have said that faint baby cries and the pounding of a horse-drawn carriage can be heard crossing the bridge at night. Although the origins to these hauntings are unknown, the tales are enough to send a shiver down your spine.

What to Do at Stovall Mill Covered Bridge

A visit to the bridge is the perfect family outing for those who are on a budget or looking for a relaxing activity.

Have a Picnic

There is nothing quite like bringing a packed lunch, laying out a blanket, and enjoying a meal together in one of Helen’s most picturesque picnicking locations. The breeze rustling through the trees and the gurgling creek will be your soundtrack to this perfectly de-stressing afternoon. It may also be fun to take off your shoes and wade in the shallow water searching for little critters such as crawdads.

Enjoy the Scenery

The bridge is perfectly nestled within the North Georgia wilderness, surrounding you in the beauty of nature. Past visitors have said the drive to the bridge is especially lovely during the autumn and make for perfect photo opportunities.

Stop by the Old Sautee Store on Your Way Back

For yet another glimpse back in time, a pit stop to the Old Sautee Store is a must. This quaint and quirky shop has been in business for 144 years and sells interesting local items. During your shopping spree, you’ll find Scandinavian cheeses, butters, jams, produce, beauty products, books, souvenirs, and more.

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Photo Credit: swkunst/Thinstock