Why You Need to Experience Oconee National Forest

Better known as Chattahoochee-Oconee, this national forest provides the finest outdoor recreation opportunities and natural resources in Georgia. The Oconee National Forest is made up of nearly 867,000-acres of undisturbed land, 850 miles of hiking trails, dozens of campgrounds and picnic areas, and much more. If your vacation plans bring you to the Ocoee National Forest, these are the best ways to get the most from your visit!

The Oconee National Forest is just one of the many places begging to be explored in the North Georgia Mountains. Request your free copy of our Vacation Guide right now and you’ll instantly receive a full list of our area’s top things to do and experience including local attractions, outdoor activities, dining, entertainment, and more.

5 Things to Do in Oconee National Forest

1. Hiking

With dozens of trails winding through the wilderness, you could spend days enjoying all of the opportunities for Oconee National Forest hiking. Whether you choose to make a day of it or embark on a simple half-day excursion, you’re sure to find an adventure that is perfect for you. Some of these trails are also open for bicycling, so feel free to bring your bikes for an epic family experience!

Take a look at the Oconee National Forest map and find the trails most ideal for you and your family!

2. Fishing

From the relaxing shoreline to fly fishing rivers, anglers will find almost any kind of angling that meets their fancy. Many families choose to relax by the shores of Lake Russell for a tranquil fishing excursion while more avid fishermen take to the local trophy trout streams. Before angling in the Oconee National Forest waters, be sure to obtain a state fishing license or pass!

3. Experience the Plant and Animal Life

With so much land to discover, you’re sure to come across a wide variety of unique plant or animal species. The forest is very popular among nature lovers who spend their time observing the awe-inspiring handiwork of Mother Nature. From the smallest butterfly to prowling mammals like bears and deer, you’re sure to find them all!

4. Spend Time by the Water

The forest is abundant with rivers, streams, creeks, lakes, and ponds. All these bodies of water mean there are endless opportunities to enjoy a warm day making a splash! Lounge on the swimming beaches, take a dip in the lake or a kayak ride down the streams. No matter what you decide, a full day of fun in the sun awaits.

5. Take a Drive

If you’re crunched on time or would rather enjoy the forest scenery from the comfort of your car, you’re in luck! There are many routes you can take to see the land’s immense beauty without having to ever leave your vehicle. Some of these famous roads include the Russell-Brasstown National Scenic Byway and the Ridge and Valley Scenic Byway. We highly recommend taking a trip along these roads in the fall, as the autumn colors are truly awe-inspiring.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images/Saharrr